Every agent in the country wants to know one thing above anything else, right now: how to get more real estate listings.

As technology evolves and trends change, the answer to that question seems to be changing all the time. So, to figure out what is working to attract listing leads right now, I had to turn to three of the best real estate marketers in the business.

In this episode of the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, I spoke with super Rockstar team leader Lisa Chinatti, Curaytor CEO Jimmy Mackin, and your favorite marketing coach Jason Pantana, about how to get more real estate listings than you’ve EVER HAD BEFORE.

Talking both high-level and ultra-technical strategy on everything from Google ads and expired listings to creating viral content, these industry leaders spill some of their most advanced secrets to attract and convert listing listings

Honestly, I shouldn’t even be giving this one out for free, so I’d recommend you watch or listen now – before I change my mind 😉

In this episode, we discuss…

1:58 – Unicorn or the Pink Tie (keywords)

8:50 – Managing and converting Google leads

19:40 – Numbers on Lisa’s process (cost per listing)

23:45 – Making viral content

27:28 – Why Tom Ferry is Tom Ferry

29:08 – Attention, Affinity, Action

32:00 – Curaytor’s most viral content

35:00 – Value based voicemails

39:42 – Expired listings

44:28 – Scripts for expired listings

54:35 – Consumer psychology

58:15 – A brilliant postcard campaign

01:02:30 – Closing thoughts