How can you create trust and likability on a massive scale to grow your real estate business?

Likability doesn’t come from being perfect. Rogers Healy will tell you that. He failed the real estate exam 21 times. (And that’s not me being mean, because I think he mentions it like 21 times in this podcast episode).

But today, Rogers is not only running the largest independently owned real estate company in the state of Texas, but he also has a beautiful family and a well-balanced life.

In this hilarious and inspiring episode, I spoke with Rogers about how he made it all happen by working hard, maintaining faith, and being his authentic self. You’ll learn how to be more authentic in your life and business by letting go of control and marketing yourself honestly.

Make sure to watch or listen because I bet you this one will make an impact.

In this episode, we discuss…

0:00 – How Rogers started

2:50 – Rogers’s business today

10:10 – Perspective that creates change

13:52 – Identity and likability

17:05 – Hiring a Director of Ops

21:02 – Disruption and recruiting

25:06 – Work ethic

27:00 – Incorporating music into business

32:38 – What’s Hot or Not

38:00 – Rogers’s nonnegotiable for success