Before we end the year, I wanted to share a clip from this year’s Success Summit which shows something we’d never done before. We gathered over 80 case studies from our top clients and then boiled them down into 15 Lead Generation Playbooks, each focusing on a different lead gen pillar. And today, you’re going to get a glimpse inside the one for open houses.

In 2021, Stephanie Younger’s team held 480 open houses. 480… And they did two-million-dollars in GCI. But for Stephanie and her team, it’s not just about the number of open houses that they did, but their specific procedure for hosting every one of them. In this clip, I walk the audience through Stephanie’s playbook and show you her open house strategy.

Watch or listen to this episode and then download Stephanie’s Playbook for yourself, right here.

In this episode, we discuss…

0:00 – Introducing… the Playbooks

2:10 – Select your lead pillar

3:20 – By the numbers

9:42 – Stephanie’s Playbook

14:00 – 3 ways to improve today

16:25 – Postcards to R&D

18:54 – A glimpse into another playbook