Do you remember when LeBron James brought the Cleveland Cavaliers a championship and soon after left them to join to Los Angeles Lakers? Imagine how much excitement and hope the city of Cleveland must have felt just before having it dashed away from them. That’s how I think real estate agents are feeling going from the market we were in to the current one. If that resonates with you, you might need someone like Alan Stein Jr. to help get your motivation back.

Alan Stein Jr. is a professional performance coach, keynote speaker, and author of the books “Raise Your Game” and “Sustain Your Game.” And with book titles like that, you can see why Alan is the kind of guy we need to listen to during times of crisis. On this episode of the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, I spoke with him about what agents can be doing to reset their minds for assured victory and the best ways to create habits that stick permanently.

This is vital watching or listening to anyone who has ever faced a challenging time, so make sure to do that, right here.

In this episode, we discuss…

0:00 – About Alan

4:08 – Resetting your psychology for winning

8:36 – Developing a “next-play” mentality

11:24 – Untether from results

13:58 – Comfort in uncertainty

17:08 – Start during hard times

22:40 – The science of habit formation

30:00 – Picking your first habit

35:08 – The best routine for a peak state

38:45 – An exercise to close the performance gap