Did you know that we’re in a new normal market? The moment is here for you to take advantage and start innovating before someone new shows up!

Before you begin though, I’m going to ask you some vital questions that are going to help you focus so you can be your best and start dominating the business.

On today’s Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, I bring back my opening keynote from last year’s Success Summit!

I share some harsh truths about having the right mindset, identity, beliefs and behaviors.

All these elements are fundamental in order for you to incorporate the eight ways to ensure your business dominates the market.

Let’s start blocking all those disruptors and disintermediators from distracting you from the main goal.

Start by listening to this episode, and transform your life and business!


In this episode we talk about…

2:10 – Disruptors, Discounters, Disintermediators are DISTRACTING you from your goals

2:58 – Welcome to the New Normal Market

5:00 – I ask you a vital question to get you in the right mindset for the New Normal Market

6:30 – The exciting stats you should know about the New Normal Market

8:30 – You have NO COMPETITION so what’s stopping you?!

10:45 – Are you in a fixed mindset or a growth mindset?

12:11 – Lean into innovation for a growth mindset

13:46 – The moment you stop innovating in the market, someone new shows up

15:25 – Are you making your customer experience easy and exciting?

18:16 – What must you do to ensure domination and be undisruptable in the new normalized market?

19:52- The 3 little agents are just like the 3 little pigs

25:16 – The market will discipline those that fail to discipline themselves

26:30 – 8 ways to become undisruptable in any market

27:40 – Your mindset is the way to transform your life, family, friends, and business

31:59 – Remember, your identity, beliefs and behaviors will make or break you

35:36 – You do not have enough cash! Start stockpiling cash!

36:57 – What is your cash saving commitment for the next 18 months?

38:42 – Be undisruptable by committing to these 9 things

48:42 – “Your income is in direct correlation to the value you deliver to the market”

49:14 – Your business is math

50:45 – Do you track your numbers or are you unorganized? What business person are you?

52:08 – What’s your daily number? Learn the daily formula ASAP!

56:32 – The 5 things you NEED to know and commit to help your KPI

1:02:09 – Build a tech-enabled service business

1:03:05 – The 3 core tech assets you need in your business

1:06:04 – How do you optimize and operationalize, so your business runs smoothly?

1:06:28 – Build a marketing Parthenon in order to become undisruptable!

1:09:01 – It’s not about transactions, it’s about being the agent of trust!

1:09:47 – Learn Jay Abraham’s strategy of preeminence

1:11:02 – Are you clear on your value proposition?

1:11:42 – It’s all about mastering the game of conversion!

1:13:52 – Did you know that we’re in the on-demand economy?

1:19:12 – What new tech, new people and new follow-up plan will require for you to be relevant in the on-demand economy?

1:21:00 – Scale the business with a team in order to dominate!

1:28:42 – Decide, prioritize and commit!




Chris Heller



Peter Drucker


Maxine Gellens

Jim Rohn

Tim Smith

Coldwell Banker

Jay Abraham




Gary Gold

Russell Peters