On this episode of the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, I’m talking with a Jamie McMartin and her husband Nate who run a wildly profitable and rapidly growing team in Katy, TX.  And by rapidly growing, I mean they plan to hire 48 agents in a single year! But if this seems overly ambitious, Jamie and Nate will show you what’s possible with a limitless mindset.

They took me through the journey of how they got started in 2006, learned everything the hard way, and used the ‘08 market crash to grow their mindsets beyond what they could’ve believed before. This is an episode that will resonate with any real estate agents out there who feel like they’re drowning in this confusing time.

So, unless your mindset and your systems are already completely perfect, this is one to watch or listen to now.

In this episode, we discuss…

0:00 – Open houses

2:50 – 2008

6:45 – Relo

9:55 – Competitive streak

14:45 – Building a team

17:00 – First teammate + Nate

23:00 – Advice for struggling agents

26:38 – Learning limitless thinking

29:20 – 3 goals of 2023

33:40 – Getting to 500 listings sold

39:45 – Tracking and measuring

43:30 – Recruiting 48 agents

47:43 – Optimizing profitability

54:00 – Closing thoughts