What are the keys to optimizing human potential and how can we apply them to our own lives? Brian Ferguson defines human potential as the arch of who we have the potential to be over the course of our lives. And he says the key to reaching the peak of this arch is through performance – the way we operate day in and day out.

Brian is a former Navy SEAL and the CEO of Arena Labs, a company focused on performance medicine to help doctors and nurses manage stress and regenerate more effectively from rest. He’s on a mission to cure the burnout plaguing high achievers, and his methods apply to any busy professional, even those in…. say… real estate!

Me and my good friend Ellie Yacoel spoke with Brian about the keys to getting upstream of burnout and optimizing your human potential so that you can achieve more while actually enjoying your life. The first step is watching this episode, so be sure to do so now!

In this episode, we discuss…

1:10 – Brian’s What & Why

5:10 – Optimizing potential

6:40 – Knowing your DNA

10:05 – Working with leaders

12:48 – Finding calm in the moment

18:55 – What doesn’t work
21:55 – How to be who you need to

26:28 – Pillars of Brian’s platform

31:45 – Reach out to Brian