Roughly 71% of business is conducted by the top 26% of agents, leaving those other 74% to fight over the small amount of business left over. Clearly, it might look like now isn’t a great time for new real estate agents. But not so fast… There’s still opportunity out there if you know what to do, and that’s what this episode of The Tom Ferry Podcast Experience is all about.

I brought in one of the most qualified agents and entrepreneurs I know, the co-founder of Broke Agent Media and a leader of the No. 1 highest transaction team in Connecticut, Byron Lazine, to help me compile a master list of truly effective plays for new real estate agents and anyone who might be struggling.

We each brought our own lists of best new agent strategies to the table, and what you’re about to get in this episode is the combination of both. So, if you ever ask the question, “Where should I start if I want to get better?” the answer is by watching or listening, right here.

In this episode, we discuss…

0:00 – It’s decision time for part-timers

2:38 – No. 1: Become a clip machine

5:44 – 10-year perspective

6:50 – No. 2: Have a real convo with your spouse

8:20 – No. 3: Weekends are your Super Bowl

9:35 – No. 4: Top 3 goals

12:25 – No. 5: Over-index on your plan

15:26 – No. 6: Be a buyer in your area

17:30 – Knowledge, Skills, Confidence

22:45 – No. 7: Have a unique USP

26:08 – No. 8: Monthly/weekly office events

27:10 – No. 9: The top thing you need to do

28:00 – No. 10: Making yourself memorable

30:40 – No. 11 &12: Email + delegate

32:46 – No. 13: 50% of something vs. 100% of nothing

34:40 – Reach out to Byron