Some agents may feel today’s podcast guest is trying to take their job away. And we discuss that. But the way I see it, Jarred Kessler is an innovating entrepreneur pushing our industry forward.

And you can learn from his example.

As the founder of EasyKnock, a company that allows people to convert their home equity to cash without going through a bank, Jarred is helping not only homeowners but agents as well.

This week, I spoke with Jarred about what it’s like to be the CEO of a real estate startup, the pivots to make during a recession, and his vision of the future.

If you’ve ever been interested in founding a startup or just want to understand the changing real estate landscape, make sure to watch or listen to this episode, right here.

In this episode, we discuss…

1:50 – Importance of mistakes

3:28 – Navigating recession

5:17 – Original company vision

7:00 – Product/market fit

9:37 – Keeping up with demand

10:42 – Refining product line

13:17 – Knowing when to pivot

15:30 – Stop being stubborn

16:34 – Jarred’s funnel

18:19 – Can anyone get rid of the agent?

19:45 – The biggest resistance

20:50 – Getting the word out

22:20 – Vision of the future

25:07 – Reach out to Jarred