Susan and Paul Kadilak are a powerhouse couple. Within a year of releasing their first video, their business shot up by 60%. Now they run a design and renovation business on top of their brokerage, and, oh yeah… their reality show was nominated for an Emmy Award.

But no matter how much they have on their plate, they never sacrifice the quality of anything they do. So, how do they manage their time so effectively? Paul says it comes down to “staying in their lane,” which might mean something a lot different than you think.

I sat down with Paul and Susan to discuss what their authentic lane is, how anyone can find theirs, time management, and shooting Emmy-worthy videos.

Not only will you learn lots of great tips, but these two are also hilarious, so make sure to watch and leave us a comment.

In this episode, we discuss…

0:00 – How Susan got started

3:12 – How Paul got started (and met Susan)

8:05 – Kadilak time management

12:17 – Managing management

15:26 – Dynamic and design

20:21 – Summit promo code

21:03 – Advice from experience

25:57 – Finding your lane

30:25 – Social vs TV for growth

34:00 – Let your video evolve

38:09 – Team, transparency, and honesty

41:12 – Hope is a powerful thing

46:20 – Wrapping up