Canada… The land of hockey, poutine, polite manners, and brilliant real estate marketing innovation.

This week I have four of our gigantic neighbor’s top agents – Brad McCallum, Steven Kim, Sean Ryan, and Janet Miller, and – here to talk about their iconic marketing moments.

Besides just marketing, our friends also have some killer advice on setting boundaries, creating a work/life balance, and refining your sphere.

You’ll be ‘sorry’ if you miss this one, so make sure to watch or listen, and then share it around to some friends.

In this episode we discuss…

0:28 – Introductions

2:05 – Brad: Do the most for every listing

4:20 – Let them leverage you

7:05 – Innovation brings volume

8:13 – Steven: Social media resume

11:03 – Recycling content

13:51 – Video energy and personality

16:57 – Sean: Commit to more

20:51 – You have to be delusional

23:11 – Janet: How to adopt boundaries

26:24 – The currency of love

30:08 – Resetting your schedule

33:40 – Janet: Brilliant 5-word script

35:35 – Canada’s top advice