It’s a very special day at the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience. We have the geniuses behind HousingWire, Clayton Collins (CEO) and Sarah Wheeler (editor-in-chief) here to share their insights on the current market trends, so you can be the most informed agent in your market. We’re talking inventory, inflation, the best times to buy, the war in Ukraine, and so much more.

Gahh! I just want to tell you everything now! But that’s not close to possible. You’ll just have to watch or listen for yourself. Get ready to take notes, and maybe share some of these clips on your Instagram 😉

In this episode, we discuss…

0:46 – What it’s like to be editor of HousingWire

1:35 – Being CEO

3:43 – Interest rates

7:48 – If someone feels it’s a bad time to buy…

9:46 – Where rates are heading

12:30 – Bubble? Define a bubble…

16:34 – Get out of the hype and into the data

20:23 – Prediction for the next 24 months

24:31 – Where’d the inventory go?

26:43 – How long do you have to wait? What the data says…

29:31 – Pivot to purchase

34:42 – War and economy (uncertainty to sentiment)

37:19 – Under 4% unemployment? I call BS

39:04 – Home builders are scared

42:08 – A special event

43:50 – Title & escrow money

45:50 – Get in touch with Sarah and Clayton