Emily Terrell does it all; she’s a mother, powerbroker, real estate coach, and investor. Oddly enough, Emily sometimes refers to herself as the laziest agent in real estate… Maybe this is because she’s found a way to maximize her efficiency so that she can easily attract clients while spending time with her family.

It all comes down to her systems and long-term strategy. Emily doesn’t do anything without a purpose, and that means everything she does is directly connected to her brand. This week, I spoke with Emily about some of her strategies, including:

  • Her tech solutions for video-first marketing
  • Building your brand around your passions
  • Balancing business with motherhood
  • Getting started in investment properties

If you’re looking to be so effortlessly efficient that it might even feel lazy, you should watch or listen, right here.

In this episode, we discuss…

0:00 – Who is Emily?

2:58 – Emily joins coaching and gets strategic

7:40 – Balancing babies and business

12:39 – Tech tools for effective video-first marketing

17:04 – Finding the questions and writing the scripts

21:03 – Once you have the script… (shooting, audio, thumbnail)

25:19 – What social media platform gets Emily business

26:57 – Include your passions in your content

29:31 – Bring it back to real estate

31:30 – Relationships with investors

35:38 – How long does it take to shoot this video?

37:10 – Emily’s first tenants (a horror story)

40:50 – Flipping nasties

43:05 – Flip or rental? Investor knowledge

46:23 – Circle prospecting

50:40 – Texting your way out of a ticket

52:11 – Get in touch with Emily