Darin Marques was bartending when he decided to get into real estate back in 2009 – not exactly an easy time to get your start. But it didn’t take long until Darin was one of the top luxury agents in Las Vegas.

You could say that Darin knows a bit about thriving in a tough market, and this week he shared with me some of the ways he continues to beat the competition in this one, including:

  • The necessity of a client-first mindset
  • Taking care of your agents to increase their production
  • The power of visualization
  • Reciprocal giving

If someone says that morality can’t make you money, they’ve never met Darin. Do yourself a favor by watching or listening, and then do someone else a favor by sharing.

In this episode, we discuss…

0:47 – How Darin got started in real estate

4:24 – Land management

7:09 – Mindset for attracting mentors

9:51 – Brand, demand gen, referrals

13:15 – Building relationships quickly

16:22 – Developing trust

17:27 – What Darin does differently in this hard market

19:29 – Partnering agent on the buyer’s side

22:38 – Serving your agents

26:32 – Darin’s advice for getting time back

29:09 – Closing message