Right now, we’re seeing a historically low time-on-market for inventory. In my 35 years in this business, this might be one of the most competitive times that I’ve ever seen.

So, what can you do? When the top 25% of agents control 73.5% of all the volume, are they just getting lucky? They are lucky… but they’re lucky by design. Because every single one of the powerhouse agents I’ve had the pleasure of working with have two things in common, two secret (or not-so-secret) strategies that they use to thrive in any situation. This week, I’m going to share them with you, along with three recommendations to put them into action.

This isn’t one you can afford to miss, so watch or listen here. And during this or any episode, if you ever start to feel like I’m getting under your skin or being too critical, just know that’s my form of carefrontation. I do it because I want to see you succeed.

In this episode, we discuss…

0:54 – Survive till ’95 (the trifurcation of real estate)

2:42 – My experience with the top 25%

5:08 – Turning secrets into steps

6:54 – Secret #1

9:13 – The most classic tell of a fixed mindset

10:47 – Examine and reexamine

14:26 – Secret #2 (Business is like sports)

17:02 – Is this too simple?

18:30 – Open up your playbook (do it)

21:12 – Perfect is not a standard

24:43 – Recommendation #1 (ranking system)

26:00 – Recommendation #2 (the power of the room)

28:18 – Recommendation #3 (again… business is like sports)