It almost sounds like a fairy tale… A 19-year-old kid buys a dying business on credit, makes a profit on it, then uses all his earnings to invest in real estate. By the time he’s 33, he owns 700 units, lives a totally fulfilling life, and isn’t slowing down yet.

This is my man, Eric Eickhof. He might be young, but he’s wise, hungry, and as seasoned as anyone in the investment game. This week, I sat down with Eric to discuss how he got started in investment real estate and how you could too. We talk about:

  • Opening deals through creative conversation
  • What to look for when you decide to buy
  • Mistakes Eric made along the way
  • Growing your portfolio in a market being eaten up by hedge funds

This knowledge is invaluable to you, but when you boil it down, Eric’s main point here is to just act without fear. You’ll want to watch or listen immediately, and maybe even give this to your teenager or 20-something kids.

In this episode, we discuss…

1:11 – Eric’s backstory

4:45 – Eric sells his first apartment building

9:14 – Why agents should work with investors

11:01 – Getting started

15:33 – Build up a list

17:13 – Events and networking

19:49 – Eric’s events

27:22 – Looking for the path of progress

32:00 – Investing mistakes to avoid

35:08 – Red flags

39:08 – How to do it right

43:40 – Hedge funds vs the little guy

45:42 – Making a property more valuable

49:25 – Cost segregation study

52:20 – Learn from Eric