14 years ago, Daniel Blackwell was living out of his car in the parking lot of his office. Today, Dan has closed over a billion dollars in sales and struck a name for himself as one of the sharpest agents in multifamily real estate. His secret? It’s not a secret! Dan has one of the most consistent and insightful video channels out there, and he’s always willing to share his knowledge with anyone looking for help—including you.

This week, I talked with Dan about:

  • Making video that works for you
  • Breaking into the apartment game
  • A checklist for your renovations

And a lot more! Dan’s not giving any fluff here. This is hard, actionable advice from a guy who always thinks steps ahead. I recommend you watch or listen now.

In this episode, we discuss…

0:26 – How Dan got started in multifamily

4:15 – No excuse to not do video

5:46 – The show that changed Dan’s game

7:34 – Dan’s video brings in business

10:12 – Dan’s advice on video

12:00 – Distribution platforms

13:20 – Find the right people to help with video

14:28 – Be yourself on camera

16:15 – Success through interviews

18:03 – Dan’s advice on getting deals (specialize)

24:26 – Friends and family syndicators

26:19 – Dan’s process to make sure the deal is right

32:00 – Rehabbing a unit (standardized turn and return on cost)

35:30 – Hold or sell, and when?

38:00 – Where does Multi Family go from here?

42:00 – Dan’s hacks for financing

44:00 – Closing thoughts