Do you want to win bad enough?

Tim Grover knows what it takes to win. He’s seen it in his career training superstar athletes like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Charles Barkley and many others.

Today he’s an author and business consultant, and I had the good fortune to present him as a keynote speaker to our coaching members at our recent Elite Retreat in Las Vegas.

We also took the time to sit down for today’s podcast, where he rips the band-aid off the realities of tapping into the greatness within you, winning, and doing it all again after you reach that pinnacle.

Believe me… you don’t want to miss this one.


In this episode, we discuss…

0:45 – Tim explains his extraordinary backstory

3:55 – How Tim’s intensity makes him for some people and not for others

7:40 – Are you settling for less than your true potential?

10:02 – A bold proclamation that led to training Michael Jordan

14:06 – “Pressure is a privilege”

17:26 – MJ issues a challenge

19:17 – Why winning scares people

22:07 – Winning doesn’t care; how to tap into that mindset

27:32 – Why declaring your intentions is so important

28:34 – Track and measure EVERYTHING!

32:30 – Want to grow? Seek out the trip back to Hell

35:05 – Tim tackles grind culture

40:55 – How do high-performing individuals gel in a team structure

43:39 – Accountability: How do you get there?

46:32 – PhD to degreaser

50:40 – Cleaner vs. closer: What’s the difference?

52:38 – “The competitive nature doesn’t stop”

53:50 – Tim’s perspective on parenting