Real estate consultant and blogger Rob Hahn is never short of opinions.

He’s worked with some of the largest firms in the industry, and oftentimes his “takes” turn controversial because he speaks his mind and says what people need to hear, not what they want to hear.

So you know we’re in for a good time on today’s podcast episode.

Sit in on this lively conversation with Rob where we discuss:

  • Which millennial stereotypes are real when it comes to real estate?
  • Existential threats to the future of agents
  • Rob’s confidence that sellers will eventually stop paying for buyer agency
  • Product skills needed by the Agent of the Future

Oh, and we stop talking long enough to let Jason Pantana chime in a couple times, too! 😉


In this episode, we discuss…

Who is Rob Hahn aka The Notorious R.O.B.?

How Rob got in trouble for saying brokerage brands don’t matter

The prediction that Rob got right back in 2013

Dispelling the millennial myths about real estate

How real estate has changed in the last 30+ years

My predictions for the future of our industry

Is buyer agency long for this world?

Why real estate might soon emulate the world of law

What to look out for with OpenDoor and iBuyers in general

Rob turns the tables and discusses how he’d coach agents

Future agents will need to better specialists

How to control the inventory – but only if the numbers make sense

4 mega trends of the future of real estate

Are you preserving a problem or recognizing change creates opportunity?