Surviving in this industry – let alone thriving – isn’t easy.

But it always helps when you can learn from those who’ve gone before you.

Huntington Beach, CA agent Gantry Wilson was the first person to join Tom Ferry coaching when I started this company many years ago. (Fun fact: He’s also the only person named “Gantry” in NAR’s entire roster!)

Since that time, he’s been through all the cycles of this industry. He’s experienced extreme highs and low lows, and now he’s finishing his best year ever! On today’s podcast, he discusses both sides of that equation openly and honestly. He also shares tons of great advice for agents at any stage of their career. And in return, I have a few “carefrontational” bits of advice for him and actions I see he could be taking.

If you want some great tips for your business – AND you want to see the kind of real, give-and-take relationship that can be formed through coaching – you won’t want to miss today’s podcast. I know you’ll relate to Gantry’s journey and learn from his success.


In this episode, we discuss…

0:32 – How Gantry became our first coaching client

2:26 – Shortcutting the real estate agent’s learning curve

5:47 – Gantry’s advice for new real estate agents

9:12 – Going beyond scripts and the importance of role playing

12:40 – The value of knowing your “tribe”

14:01 – How Gantry weathered the 2008 storm – and lessons learned in the process

18:51 – A major mistake agents make in bad market conditions

19:52 – Different phases of rebuilding after the crash

24:47 – Going on a highly successful GCI run

28:02 – Do you fully commit or are you a skimmer?

29:35 – COVID hits and things get tough

33:40 – How Gantry holds himself accountable every day

34:45 – Making 2021 his highest profit year ever!

38:07 – Gantry’s lead gen strategy for 2022

41:27 – Talking tech stack – and why

47:56 – Why are most people still not doing video?

51:26 – Rapid fire random questions

1:03:00 – The power of masterminding