Ever meet someone so smart that you feel smarter just being in their presence?

That’s Chris Voss for me.

I’ve read his book, watched his videos, had him on my podcast, he’s spoken at our events… and I still can’t get enough of the guy!

So I asked him to return to the podcast and once again he had all the right answers to some of the burning questions in today’s real estate marketplace. Among the advice he shared:

  • How to avoid cutting your commission
  • How to make your buyers’ offers stand out in today’s competitive market
  • How to overcome buyer fatigue
  • Why “no” is better than “yes” and 5 easy phrases to flip your script

And so much more… You’re gonna want to listen to this one several times!


In this episode, we discuss…

2:54 – Proof of life… what does that mean?

3:45 – Favorite or the fool… don’t cut your fee either way

6:04 – Negotiating within a family business

8:21 – Get away from commission at the start

11:32 – Negotiation tips for team leaders

14:26 – Fundamentals of negotiations

22:18 – Why getting the “no” is better than the “yes”

26:15 – That time Chris almost killed Jack Welch

35:40 – The surprising power of “that’s right”

39:57 – Watch Chris inject doubt to combat “sell your own home” websites

45:01 – Becoming the one certain thing in an extremely uncertain market

50:14 – How to deal with other agents who don’t “play nice”

52:40 – Chris’s advice for winning in multiple offer scenarios

1:01:02 – Overcoming the “I want to wait” objection

1:04:08 – Small stakes practice leads to big results

1:06:37 – Chris provides book and podcast recommendations