Do you ever feel like you’re surrounded by idiots? Or setbacks?

Today’s guest on the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience not only knows those feelings, he’s written extensively about them. Author Thomas Erikson has published “Surrounded By Idiots” as well as “Surrounded By Setbacks,” and he joins myself and my co-host for the week, business coach Pamela Jackson for a stimulating conversation.

When you realize the personality tendencies Thomas conveys in his books, you can better communicate with people, better cope with setbacks, and live a more successful and fulfilling life.


In this episode, we discuss….

3:53 – Who is Thomas Erikson?

6:36 – When an ‘Aha’ moment becomes an ‘Oh no!’ moment

11:26 – Thomas explains his color-coded personality system

18:36 – How to self-identify your color

23:19 – Do we really need to do this?

29:30 – How cultural differences impact our personality

40:45 – The “two in the box” formula

44:27 – Weighing questions vs. non-verbal cues

48:15 – Thomas’s new book, Surrounded by Setbacks

55:20 – Closing thoughts from Thomas