Agents consistently make a major mistake in their eagerness to impress potential clients.

And it’s common human nature, says noted therapist John Jolliffe.

John is my guest on today’s Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, and in part one of this fascinating two-part interview, we discuss:

  • How to overcome the “big mistake” mentioned above
  • Your role in improving your partnerships and relationships
  • The key to success in virtually ANY endeavor
  • Why you should accentuate the negative

And much more… Don’t miss this one!


In this episode, we discuss…

1:32 – John’s backstory as a noted radio therapist

2:44 – A therapeutic story in less than 5 minutes

5:50 – Why it’s important to recognize the code in what we say

7:50 – Advice on overcoming a unique fear

8:47 – Getting ahead of inspiration and motivation (Don’t wait for them ahead of time!)

10:22 – “What is the right thing to do?”

12:49 – The big difference between marriages and relationships

16:16 – How do YOU contribute to your relationships?

18:24 – The question where all personal growth starts

19:12 – In order to succeed in anything, you need to do THIS

22:54 – Your role in improving a partnership or relationship

25:03 – One piece of advice for everyone in the world

26:33 – The big mistake John sees real estate agents make far too often

28:25 – Flip an old adage on its head… accentuate the negative!