What does it take to be a great agent? More often than not, it’s running proven plays with that work. 

This week on the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, some of our coaches and clients joined me to share their best ideas to help you make more money, sell more houses, get more customer satisfaction, get more joy from your business and ultimately achieve the kind of breakthrough results you want.

In part 1 of this episode, you’ll hear from Carrie Craig, Robert Mack, Keri Emery and even more of our incredible coaches and clients. Get their strategies for roleplay, case studies and relationship building and more!

  • 00:35- Carrie Craig intro
  • 01:06- Why roleplay is life changing
  • 02:24- Open House Roleplay
  • 09:01- Roleplay reflection
  • 10:29- Carrie’s script tips
  • 11:57- Your tone is key
  • 12:34- Make them want to talk to you
  • 14:13- Robert Mack intro
  • 14:46- How case studies elevate your listing presentations
  • 17:05- Who’s attracted to case studies?
  • 18:30- Case study breakdown
  • 21:57- Is prepping a home worth it?
  • 25:46- Robert’s marketing strategy
  • 29:42- Keri Emery intro
  • 31:21- Why relationships matter
  • 32:44- How to connect
  • 36:02- Ask: “How much time do you spend looking for a home?”
  • 37:03- Remembering client details
  • 39:37- Building relationships with agents
  • 43:31- What actions are you going to take?