In today’s market, home buyers and sellers are seeking out only the best agents in the business. Are you one of them? Where do you rank? Ambition matters and top agents are the ones who DECIDED to be there. They kick ass and make it happen every single day. 

This week on the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, we’re talking about the power of ambition, dreams and discipline.

Get my insights into today’s market and find out how to push past slumps and step into greatness. 

In this episode, we discuss…

  • 00:26- Are you competitive?
  • 01:54- The post-pandemic real estate industry
  • 05:00- The flight to quality
  • 06:50- The flight to certainty
  • 08:02- The data
  • 10:34- Where do you rank?
  • 13:50- Industry trends
  • 16:28- What should you do?
  • 17:59- Amplify your ambition
  • 20:34- Where do you WANT to be?
  • 23:19- Allow yourself to dream 
  • 25:49- What can you do to amplify your brand?
  • 28:15- What the top 25% of agents are doing
  • 31:46- Discipline
  • 33:00- The J-Curve/ Getting out of ruts
  • 36:50- Be THAT agent
  • 37:28- Close