Show Notes:

I feel very fortunate to consider Tiffani Bova a close friend… even if I didn’t know the meaning of her middle name before this interview. (You’ll see what I’m talking about.)

I’ve learned so much from Tiffani over the years and I’m excited to share her fantastic insights and contributions with you here.

From her early days working for a carnival to her time at Gartner to her current role as the Customer Growth and Innovation Evangelist at Salesforce, Tiffani reveals lessons learned, her advice and her wealth of experience helping people grow their businesses in this deep-dive interview.


In this episode, we talk about…

02:42 – Our “strange little connections”

05:23 – Tiffani traces her dream path

07:07 – “Everything I learned about business I learned at the carnival”

09:48 – The importance of building a strong network

11:30 – Lessons that where more important than making money

13:05 – The challenges of being a woman in a male-dominated industry

20:36 – Tiffani’s role in tech almost everybody uses today

23:43 – Altering her definition of success at Gartner

26:56 – The dilemma that led to Tiffani’s “next step” in her career

29:38 – The unique combination that makes Tiffani unique

32:56 – Tiffani’s “3 pillars” advice for start-ups

40:30 – Natural path sequencing for your real estate career

43:20 – Why not all growth is good growth

44:21 – Questions to help you figure out what you want from your business

47:03 – Why your role demands you have a growth mindset

49:10 – What is “stalled growth”?

52:19 – Ground zero to selling 50 homes, theoretically

54:54 – 3 things to re-ignite growth after stalling out

58:05 – Seeking service lessons from outside the real estate industry

1:02:53 – The backbone of corporate growth is THIS

1:03:08 – How asking the right questions reveals the intricacies of maintaining hypergrowth

1:08:28 – How to be excellent in the next 5 minutes

1:13:20 – How can YOU make a difference as a real estate professional?

1:16:32 – Are you afraid of technology or resistant to change your behaviors?


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