Are you overwhelmed and under planned when it comes to your social media? Well guess what: that’s no excuse.

My guest on today’s Tom Ferry Podcast Experience says you don’t need to be a social media expert to start seeing success – our own Social Media Manager, Courtney Gracia!

Courtney believes that even busy real estate agents can create and manage successful social media presences… IF they have a strategy.

Listen to today’s episode for Courtney’s killer hashtag strategy and hear her takes on content planning, posting frequency, geo-tagging and why it’s so important to be authentic.


In this episode, we discuss…

1:15 – Your social media goals

5:46 – Content buckets: Are you using them?

7:15 – The importance of authenticity

9:27 – Posting frequency: How to know if you’re posting enough

13:20 – Geo-tagging

14:47 – Hashtag strategy

18:17 – What’s the “waterfall strategy”?

20:06 – Apps for hashtags (hashtastic)

20:59 – Reels

23:58 – What to post

27:50 – Why you should keep at it