Do you acknowledge the existence of iBuyers and other disruptors in our industry? Or are you essentially burying your head in the sand hoping that if you don’t bring them up, your clients won’t either?

Today’s guest on the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience says you not only need to acknowledge them, but you need to become an expert on what they have to offer.

Real estate tech strategist Mike DelPrete believes that’s how agents will succeed well into the future as more and more unconventional business models pop up to try to grab a piece of the $90 billion in annual commissions.

Listen to today’s episode for Mike’s insights on the future of the industry and what you need to do to excel… despite the disruptors!


In this episode, we discuss…

1:44 – Mike shares his background and how he chose to focus on real estate tech

5:39 – Four major factors changing the face of real estate today

7:57 – The biggest thing to happen to real estate since the advent of the online portal

8:55 – You can’t hide from iBuyers any longer. What’s your response to consumers?

10:15 – What the latest data says about iBuyers

12:31 – Who is the ideal iBuyer prospect?

14:07 – What’s the best strategy for agents to combat iBuyers?

18:00 – Who or what is off-limits for iBuyers?

25:15 – What today’s agent needs to do to compete

27:24 – “Nobody’s talking about psychology in real estate… and they should be!”

30:01 – Artificial delays and perceived value

31:56 – Striking a balance between technology and “human-ness”

33:24 – Why “power buyers” are the models of the moment

39:17 – The big question about the future of real estate agents

42:05 – The competitive advantage you have over the Zillows of the world

46:24 – Is ‘The Blob’ going to gobble up your commission income?