Agents are constantly chasing new leads, but too often unwilling to invest the time and energy to pick up the phone and reach out to those people they already know!

The latest data shows that approximately seven percent of people are considering a move right now. Think of that… 7 out of every 100 contacts in your phone are potential listings just waiting for your call, but if you’re not making those calls, you’re missing out.

So today’s podcast addresses this topic head-on, with scripts and topic ideas to make your calls easier and an old-school method that still works – even if you have no database!


In this episode, we discuss…

0:12 – The goldmine of listing opportunities in your phone

2:56 – My challenge to Peter… and his amazing results

4:17 – A simple script to reconnect with people in your database

4:36 – Make sure to ask THIS QUESTION to everyone you talk to

6:12 – You MUST do this every day

6:45 – More conversation topics that make it easy to pick up the phone

8:03 – What if you’re brand new and have no contacts?