Anytime 81% of consumers agree on something, you should probably pay attention.

That’s the percentage of people who say they prefer to watch a video before making a buying decision today.

So when more than four out of every five people want to watch a video, guess what… you better be shooting videos! Lots of them!

Today’s episode of the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience is a short segment I did on video at my recent BluePrint event. I cover everything from how to become the hyperlocal expert, to going viral, to specific video ideas to attract sellers and buyers.

If you want more than 19 percent of the market available to you, put these tips into action and start creating more winning videos!


In this episode, we discuss…

0:35 – The key marketing mindset to becoming your hyperlocal expert – Video first!

2:33 – Don’t be afraid to be a normal human being

3:54 – Are you using TubeBuddy?

7:23 – The dollar a day strategy to create a viral video

9:18 – You only need one to go viral

11:29 – 8 videos to attract sellers

11:58 – 4 buyer attraction videos you should shoot

13:13 – Even more video ideas!