Join Tom as we recap on the Key First Step to Fending Off Real Estate’s Biggest Disruptors. As the real estate industry is set to see significant changes, your magnified overall success depends on staying ahead of the curve and preparing to show your local market why you are the agent to work with.

In this segment, Tom covers the initial step in becoming the hyper-local expert that will outmatch businesses like Zillow, Redfin, etc. Not only does Tom give you his insight, but he also delivers on the advice he foresees, making a difference in your business. And what better way to start than ensuring your brand is present on Google through your Google My Business page. Tom illustrates that having a developed Google, My Business sets you apart and marks you as the know-all agent of your community.

Whether you’ve barely started or still need to get to it, start now and finish it. Don’t miss this episode to get ahead in the game – because advice like this is worthwhile and sets the success for your future in the real estate business.


In this episode, we discuss…

00:20 – Tom’s Vision of The Real Estate Industry in the Next Two Years

1:15 – Large Business – Who Ever Presents the Client Gets a Large Chunk of Cash

1:57 – How Are You Going to Win the Know, Like, and Trust Battle?

3:05 – What Are You Going to Do When (Zillow/Redfin/Etc.) Opens an Office Right Next to Yours?

5:42 – 90% Of Success is Actually Doing the Work

6:15 – What Are My Most Important #Futureproofmybusiness Initiatives?

7:35 – How Do You Defend Your Position as the Hyper-Local Expert?

9:00 – Use Google to Assert Your Position as the Hyper-Local Expert

10:20 – Build Your Google My Business – Own Your Name

12:55 – How Do I Make My Google My Business Page Great?

16:10 – How Do I Drive More Traffic? Finish Your Google My Business Page

17:25 – It’s Not Only Uploading the Photo; You Also Want to Geotag the Photo

18:32 – Get Photos of You with Your Community