Diving deep into the foundations of success, BHHS Jackson Hole’s Kurt and Tim Harland join Tom to discuss how they structure, advertise, and work within the market of second and third/vacation luxury homes.

In an era where the market is accelerated and thriving, these two brothers both focus on and specialize in providing the best real estate experience for their clients.

They provide the fundamental results that formulate the networking and personal relationships that foster success in the real estate business. They also build around three theories on offers that include, sticking the home out there to where you’re not going to get any buyers, get it within market price to reel in a few people, or get it at or under the market price to get multiple offers.

Whether building relationships or narrowing in on the best tactics, they pull off some amazing sales in the Jackson Hole area so don’t miss this episode – because they have some worthwhile advice for setting high standards in the future of the real estate industry.


In this episode, we discuss…

0:49 – Introduction on the topics of this episode

1:54 – Success of the Jackson Hole office to date

2:23 – Who are these guys?

3:00 – Why Kurt got into real estate

4:00 – Why Kurt bought the brokerage

5:05 – Tim’s brief history

7:11 – Why Tim got into real estate

8:04 – Brand and trust in a small town market – and what they’ve done to achieve this

9:00 – Connection to the community

10:12 – Build Relationships: Learn what makes them tick and share your knowledge

10:34 – Looking for the right sale

11:10 – Do these factors translate to other community across the nation, across the globe

11:58 – Relationship First vs. Transaction First

12:45 – New Agent just getting started

14:14 – Using your connections

14:24 – Can you remember when you first got started

14:43 – What did you say to your community when you became a real estate agent?

15:00 – Developing a culture to make a unique experience

16:25 – Websites and Technology, Relationships and Word-of-mouth

18:00 – How they are defending their position online

20:00 – Typical day in real estate for Tim

22:10 – The Wall of Shame – Deals that should have been in their pocket

22:50 – Wall of Fame – Keeping the positive

23:09 – Typical day in real estate for Kurt

24:55 – Differences between Broker/Owner/Manager and Sale Agent

25:08 – Listing Presentations together and how that works

26:20 – How to handle the accelerated market

26:45 – Walk-away Number

27:44 – 3 Theories to get Multiple Offers

28:54 – What sells and what doesn’t

29:20 – What do you say to the seller that wants their walk away price

30:30 – The small demographic that appreciates Sentimental Value

31:10 – Don’t accelerate the timeline if the client doesn’t need to

32:28 – Everyday Homes vs. Luxury homes