You probably saw all the recent headlines about mortgage upstart Tomo raising $70 million in investment capital.

Why? What makes them so revolutionary?

Co-founder Greg Schwartz joins me to explain how Tomo aims to be the “no drama” mortgage partner for agents everywhere.

And along the way, he gives insights every entrepreneur can learn from.


In this episode, we discuss…

1:26 – The word to consider for the second half of 2021

4:47 – What do you want to fix?

6:05 – What, exactly, is Tomo?

8:40 – Reducing anxiety in the process

11:56 – A bold statement on what Tomo will never do

13:01 – “Be careful not to become what you’re trying to replace”

14:56 – Greg reveals the long-term “dream” for Tomo

15:39 – Why are investors so hot on Tomo?

18:18 – Tomo’s current state of operations

19:59 – How Tomo will reshape the real estate appraisal process

21:30 – Greg’s advice for dealing with the stress of building a business