I’m passionate about today’s podcast topic…

It’s an excerpt from my recent BluePrint event talking about how to differentiate yourself in your market!

Because honestly, a lot of the marketing I’m seeing today is just the same old retread stuff agents have been using forever. (I’ll tell you what I really think in the episode.)

It’s time to think bigger. Today’s crazy market means it’s time to make a crazy offer.

Let me inject your business with some new ideas in this quick TFPE.


In this episode, we discuss…

0:35 – Here’s what I REALLY think about most real estate marketing

1:00 – It’s clear what consumers really want

2:42 – The three sellers most active in today’s market

4:55 – It’s time to make a crazy offer

7:08 – Take this from someone who has moved six times in seven years

8:15 – Will you “R&D” this idea?

10:47 – How to win at a hyperlocal level versus the big companies in our industry