“What other ways can we show gratitude?”

It’s this question that led Matt Farnham to become one of the top real estate teams in Las Vegas.

In an era when consumers are demanding better real estate service, Team Farnham specializes in providing “wow” experiences for their clients throughout every step of the transaction.

And as a result, they’re on track to help more than 150 families buy and sell real estate in 2021.

Matt joins me on today’s Tom Ferry Podcast Experience to provide the backstory behind his unique approach, the “nuts and bolts” of how they pull it off, and everything they’ve done to truly differentiate themselves in the Las Vegas real estate market.

Unless you’re already providing the absolute ultimate in personalized service, this is one episode you cannot miss – because I strongly believe Matt and his team are setting the standard for the future of our industry.

In this episode, we discuss…

  • How working at a luxury five-star resort set the tone for Matt’s commitment to customer service
  • The Steve Harney quote that changed how Matt looked at his real estate business
  • 3 outstanding book recommendations – required reading!
  • How Matt’s vibe attracts his tribe (He’s never had to recruit agents.)
  • What is a Client Experience Manager and should you have one?
  • How Matt and his team provide exceptional service throughout every stage of a transaction
  • Flipping the worst part of a buyer’s transaction into a positive experience
  • Preferred real estate tech tools of Team Farnham
  • How to systematize and automate exceptional customer service
  • “The phone rings for new business only” – Matt explains this powerful philosophy
Minor technical difficulties caused Tom’s audio to be not quite up to our usual standard, but the content of this episode is so strong we didn’t want to prevent you from hearing it. Please excuse the inconvenience.