How did an IT consultant from Chicago end up dominating the second-home real estate market on Mexico’s Baja Peninsula?

Nick Fong joins me on today’s Tom Ferry Podcast Experience to explain all!

On pace for 700 transactions in 2021, Nick and his Ronival Real Estate team are always testing to discover the best strategies to attract new leads, nurture them, and convert!

Nick reveals his process – along with some of the mistakes he’s made along the way.

Even if you’re not in a second-home market, many of Nick’s strategies can be applied toward standard residential real estate to improve your follow-up strategies and master conversion!


In this episode, we discuss…

1:41 – Who is Nick Fong and how did this Chicago IT consultant start selling real estate in Mexico?

5:14 – How working in a second-home vacation destination differs from standard residential real estate

6:29 – How Nick and his wife Rosio delineate responsibilities

9:24 – Nick’s keys to handling massive amounts of lead follow-up and nurture

10:48 – Nick reveals his entire marketing funnel

14:10 – The most important question Nick’s team asks in the follow-up process (IGTV?)

17:12 – Nick’s brand-new ISA to salesperson handoff process

18:30 – How Nick is solving his “lead conversion problem” that he realized was actually a customer service problem

23:02 – Nick’s super simple prospecting script

24:36 – Pros and cons weighing text marketing vs. email marketing

27:44 – Nick’s tech stack and how his group handles 8,000 phone calls a week

29:05 – The nuts and bolts of Nick’s ISA team

33:05 – Nick provides an update of current real estate market conditions on the Baja peninsula

35:49 – Always improving by following the lead of those achieving more

41:24 – “If you always believe you can do it, you will find a solution.”