On today’s episode, my VP of Marketing Keri McGhee and I “nerd out” on some important changes you should be aware of – changes that could significantly impact your ability to promote your business online!

From ADA compliance issues to Google’s ever-evolving landscape to a monumental new wrinkle in Apple’s iOS, we cover it all and provide advice on how to best proceed.

We also give some insight into our own marketing practices, including the backstory of why we just completely redesigned and revamped our own website.

Click here to access the Google Core Web Vitals Keri mentioned.


In this episode, we discuss…

1:26 – Keri explains her background

2:17 – Why ADA website compliance is a hot topic

6:57 – What Google is changing now

9:12 – What happens when Google changes their algorithm?

12:50 – What makes you more findable on Google?

15:12 – The best way to ensure SEO success

16:33 – What content makes you more searchable?

20:40 – R&D this great idea to grow your Google reviews

24:52 – Changes to iOS that will impact you

30:36 – Keep diversifying!

32:08 – How to take a strategic approach to your email

33:40 – Why all your marketing lead pillars are dependent on each other

36:20 – You likely have 80 listings in your phone right now