Show Notes:

Sina Azari entered the insurance industry in 2003 and quickly began his ascent to leadership. He’s now recognized as a leader not only in insurance circles, but also in sales and business of all types.

On today’s Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, Sina shares his unlikely, circuitous journey to the insurance industry and his reasoning on why so many salespeople fail. If you’re in sales of any type, don’t miss this episode!

In this episode, we talk about…

01:56 – What’s an FMO?

05:14 – Sina’s mom’s “American Dream” vision for his life

07:22 – The legend of the first thing every sold

08:09 – How disruptors are impacting the insurance industry

09:45 – The state of insurance in 2019

11:28 – The No. 1 thing people say is most important to them

13:12 – What’s more important than getting the word out

15:36 – The reason why most salespeople fail

16:58 – Turning “suspects” into “prospects”

20:03 – Why “the microwave mindset” might be killing you

20:46 – How Sina grew up grooming himself for sales success

22:40 – The outsider’s perception of the insurance industry

24:39 – From humble beginnings…

25:59 – How to scale your sales business

26:57 – The ideal prospecting schedule

27:54 – Why you better learn to love the phone

31:13 – Sina’s social media strategy

34:33 – How Sina keeps himself fired up all the time!


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