Hopefully by now you know my stance: Video is an absolute must in your business.

Yet for many, stepping in front of the camera is still extremely frightening.

If you’re in that category, today’s Tom Ferry Podcast Experience is perfect for you. (You’ll actually want to watch or listen to it several times.)

Today’s guest is The Queen of Becoming “Camera Ready” – Patricia Stark.

She overcame her own fears and now helps others – including celebrities and well-known businesspeople – conquer their camera shyness.

And in today’s episode, we cover the root cause of camera fear, how to come across more “human” in your videos, how to turn nervous energy into a positive, and much more!

Be sure to pre-order Patricia’s book, too, coming in September!


In this episode, we discuss…

2:22 – Who is Patricia Stark?

6:20 – The root cause of camera fear

9:19 – Are you listening to the angel or the devil on your shoulder?

11:13 – Many celebrities once had the same growing pains you might be feeling

12:54 – Patricia’s checklist to “crush it” on video

17:04 – Why it’s essential to have a plan before you start shooting

19:37 – How being “just like a pilot” makes shooting videos easier

22:50 – Are your videos “sexified”?

25:41 – Adopt the QVC mindset to connect with your viewers

31:10 – “Just be a teacher”

37:27 – Train your brain to create stories to draw in your viewer

41:57 – What is Calmfidence?

50:55 – How Patricia starts her day with gratitude and clarity

53:34 – Learning valuable life lessons from iconic actress Helen Hayes

56:20 – “When you face the fear, the death of fear is certain”

1:02:30 – As we sign off, Patricia adds one final HUGELY IMPORTANT piece of advice for today’s virtual world!