Video is… intimidating.

Video is… uncomfortable.

Video is… time consuming.

And oh yeah, one more:

Video is… ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL to your business!

I’m talking all things video on today’s Tom Ferry Podcast Experience.

I’ll start by making a case for why you NEED to go all in on video, and then I’ll give you 10 ideas for videos you should shoot now!

Whether you’re still working up the nerve to hit that red RECORD button or a video veteran, I’ve got tips you won’t want to miss in this episode. (For instance, are you using TubeBuddy and Quora as content idea generators? I’ll show you how.)


In this episode, we discuss:

6:29 – Statistics say people want more video content

7:39 – Shout out to Jason Pantana

13:16 – 8 out of 10 people have purchased something based on watching a video

16:23 – The first video every agent should create

17:21 – Another proven video concept… enhanced!

23:06 – Are you shooting THIS video on a weekly basis?

27:55 – How to attract and become the go-to resource for investors in your market

30:33 – Hit ‘em with fear in this winning video idea

43:45 – How to establish your hyperlocal expertise