The best dream team is getting to work alongside your partner, and today’s guests share the advantages of working with the one they love!

In today’s episode of the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, Lily and Chad Moore from Dallas, Texas join me to talk about the advantages, growth, and lessons learned from working together!

Lily is the face of Lily Moore Realty and shares how she loves working with her community, while Chad uses his corporate background to maintain and grow the business. The result? They closed 2020 with 213 units sold with $70M in sales volume and $1.8M in GCI!

Listen to how Lily and Chad were able to pivot and truly connect with their values by showing up for their community and not losing communication with them! We cover the systems they use, the journey of growth they both had to make their business a reality, and they reveal what it truly means to be a team!

If you want to know the important basics of working in a team with your partner or need some tips on showing up for your community, then you don’t want to miss this episode! 

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In this episode, we talk about…

0:28 – Lily Moore reveals how she always envisioned being on the podcast with Tom!

2:57 – Lily shares how her husband, Chad joined her to grow Lily Moore Real Estate

4:42 – Chad shares how they started a brokerage and then changed to become a team

6:47 – Lily and Chad share the evolution to building a boutique team brokerage 

10:03 – Chad shares how you have to figure everything out when owning your own business and leveraging his corporate background

11:06 – Lily shares how she showed up for her community when the lockdown began 

14:15 – Chad shares how you have to take a seat back and take a look at the numbers to make the biggest difference when change presents itself

16:01 – Listen to how Lily and Chad were able to grow in 2019 

19:45 – Find out what it truly means to be a team!

23:36 – Lily shares how she prefers having a small team so she can give the best service to her clients

26:22 – Discover Lily and Chad’s goals for 2021 

29:30 – Is it a bad combination to have a team of a control freak and perfectionist? Lily shares how they have improved these characteristics

31:33 – It’s good to know the basics, make some mistakes and learn!

34:05 – “Listings are the key to real estate.”

39:04 – Discover the powerful online marketing strategy that Lily uses to connect with clients

42:45 – Chad shares the helpful systems they use to move the needle!

46:07 – Lily talks about how she envisions growing her team

51:00 – Chad talks about not getting fixated on sales prices and how they focus on diversity in people, business, and transaction 

53:00 – “Remember your why!”

54:51 – This is the FIRST thing that Lily did when she started her real estate business!

58:10 – Follow Lily!