Show Notes:

Are you creating relevant, valuable and compelling content? If you can’t definitively say “Yes” to all three of those, you need to listen to this interview with Iris Chen. She’s a content creator and entrepreneur whose passion is helping other entrepreneurs find their purpose and build their brands online. Let this episode help you refine your content strategy, gauge the results and level up your content creation to take your business to new heights.

In this episode, we talk about…

02:22 – Who is Iris Chen?

09:21 – The “secret sauce” of content creation

10:52 – The constant battle of artist vs. operator

13:05 – How Iris defines “good content”

14:34 – Which of these three types of content creators are you?

17:15 – The most important part of your content creation

18:13 – The best apps for video production

19:00 – The formula for success with content creation

20:39 – Iris shares advice directly for real estate professionals

22:19 – Branding is all about _________ and __________.

24:21 – Determining who you REALLY are… and what that means to consumers

26:30 – How Iris overcame her fear of the camera

28:26 – How an agent can get past “I’m just not where I want to be”

30:55 – Why you should be doing Instagram AMAs every day

31:35 – The main problem many entrepreneurs face today

34:40 – Iris’s content advice for those who are brand new to the business

36:49 – Gettin’ nerdy for a couple minutes

42:50 – Closing thoughts from Iris


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