Move forward with Spencer Rascoff’s enriching business lessons!

This particular episode with Spencer Rascoff has been a long time coming! We originally planned to record with Spencer since March of last year, but as you all know…COVID happened!

Well, guess what? 

For today’s episode of the Tom Ferry Podcast Experience, Spencer and I FINALLY were able to coordinate our schedules to share powerful golden nuggets for you to pick and choose from his insightful experience.

Spencer reveals the 3 biggest lessons he learned from top leaders of the tech industry which we can all adapt for our own business! 

We also go deep on Spencer’s journey after leaving Zillow and starting, a tech-focused news site, and how he had to pivot his business model after COVID-19 hit.

Spencer and I go over this and more on today’s episode, so if you’ve been wanting to look deep on how a serial entrepreneur works with others to start, grow and develop a company, then today’s episode is for you! Listen now!

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In this episode, we talk about…

1:49 – Spencer Rascoff and Tom talk about Zillow buying ShowingTime 

6:23 – Spencer shares the origin of his podcast, Office Hours with Spencer Rascoff 

10:14 – Spencer reveals the 3 lessons he’s learned throughout the journey of producing his podcast

17:47 – Discover why Spencer came back to LA after 20 years

20:27 – COVID-19 made Spencer pivot dot.LA’s business model 

23:57 – Listen to the first actions Spencer took after he left Zillow

26:10 – Spencer talks about how he has co-founded companies with people 

29:27 – Discover how Spencer and his daughter are working to fix social media

33:08 – What is a SPAC?

39:49 – Spencer shares his take on the future of the economy and real estate 

43:14 – Have you heard of Pacaso? Listen to find out how it can work for realtors!

49:14 – Spencer shares the golden lessons he learned from his father and how they shaped his entrepreneurial journey 


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