Show Notes:

To say Michael Polzler grew up in the real estate industry would be an understatement. He was raised with prospecting in his blood and his entire family has been involved in the business for more than 50 years.

Today, as Managing Director for RE/MAX Europe, Michael is striving to reshape the European real estate experience with a modern, consumer-friendly approach. Listen in as he tells his story and reveals the secrets to his success.

In this episode, we talk about…

02:23 – Michael’s backstory

05:18 – Why prospecting is ingrained in Michael’s psyche

11:30 – Where Michael developed his intense work ethic

12:34 – What every new agent should do

12:53 – The main reasons for his organization’s success

14:13 – Why you need to be willing to play the long game

16:04 – How to use advertising to attract your perfect client

16:57 – Who’s in your “Dream 50”?

18:14 – Are you acting too much like a car dealer?

22:00 – The antiquated typical real estate experience in Europe

24:47 – “Baby Boomer” and “Millennial” comparisons at home and abroad

27:55 – Identifying a significant opportunity

29:02 – Why Zillow wouldn’t even make sense in Europe right now

32:05 – Michael’s vision for the future of European real estate

34:34 – The “middle of the desert” metaphor for today’s Euro real estate system

37:39 – The secrets to making a family business work

42:27 – Michael’s best advice for starting a franchise


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