As the data-driven agent, your responsibility is to educate yourself so you can help your clients make the best decisions.

Now is the time to deliver massive value and today’s episode of This Week in Housing for June 26 covers all your questions and concerns around foreclosures, the job market, supply and demand and the impact that the elections will have on the economy. 

David Childers from Keeping Current Matters and Yvonne Arnold, Tom Ferry coach and host of Virtual Edge joined me to talk about all the important topics and share the latest data so you can communicate to your clients what’s happening!

Take the time today to listen and take notes! It’s your responsibility to continuously inform yourself on the latest numbers of job unemployment and data of home prices for the rest of 2020 and 2021!

In this episode we talk about…

1:35 – 3 important steps that we made as a business and shared with you to step up for your clients 

3:49 – Listen up! We’re covering these important topics so you can be the knowledge broker!

5:14 – Yvonne Arnold shares her real estate background with us 

7:57 – “What do you say to someone who says, ‘I think I’m going to wait.’?”

16:13 – David Childers shares data of available listings that decreased since September 2019

17:10 – Discover the data around year-over-year change in listings

30:17 – Low mortgage rates are driving buyer demand

 31:45 – Why there’s a wealth of opportunity for consumers in today’s market

 32:34 – “We see a lot of money flowing everywhere”

 33:30 – It’s YOUR responsibility to communicate what’s happening and set realistic expectations for your clients today

 34:15 – What’s going to happen to home prices for the rest of 2020 and 2021?

 38:10 – Where are residents of high-density urban areas flocking in response to COVID?

 40:44 – The pandemic is changing how buyers value a home

 42:40 – Which agents are winning in the rural/suburban migration?

 44:12 – Yvonne recommends checking out

 46:00 – Why Yvonne calls KCM the least expensive, most important data you can use in your marketing

 47:12 – Reviewing the latest market update info available – and projections moving forward

 50:45 – U.S. presidential election update: Remember that your income is directly correlated to the value you deliver to the market

 52:13 – Tom’s two biggest pieces of advice for you in advance of what could be the most tumultuous election cycle we’ve ever seen

 55:18 – Yvonne explains how to make yourself “recession proof”

 56:12 – Our job today is to cut through and deliver the truth