I don’t say this to be harsh. I say it to inspire you to look inward and determine if you’re doing everything you should be doing right now:

I believe many agents have furloughed themselves during this tumultuous time. 

For April 24’s “This Week in Housing” I was joined by the team of Keeping Current Matters, the CEO and Chief Content Creator, Steve Harney and David Childers, Vice President of Content Marketing. 

In today’s webinar, we went deep on what type of recovery people have been predicting and Steve Harney explained the different economic recoveries that have been shared. 

We also talked about the latest information on listings and pending sales. 

It’s your responsibility to grow your business during this time and we have so many tools to keep yourself informed! 

Take the time today to listen to this insightful episode and I challenge you to implement the actions I shared in today’s webinar! 

Don’t forget your slides!


In this episode we talk about…

1:10 – How are you going the extra mile to be the informed agent of your area?

5:20 – What type of economic recovery are we going to have?

12:40 – Steve Harney explains the different types of recovery

20:10 – The best way to help your clients is to keep yourself informed 

26:42 – David Childers shares the latest information on listings 

35:20 – “The country or even your county may be behind total transactions, but you don’t have to be.”

42:57 – Tom shares the two actions you need to do ASAP