Are you moving forward with data or are you stuck when faced with the question, “How’s the market?”

The March 10th episode of This Week in Housing covers the latest data on housing rates and inventory data.

I was joined by David Childers from Keeping Current Matters to give you powerful insight on housing data and provide you actionable steps to communicate it with your community!

Don’t get stuck on the information and start guiding your clients through the data so they can make the best decision and fall in love with their next home.

Listen now to discover how you can move the needle and start creating an impact with your community through powerful data!

In this episode, we talk about…

1:20 – Are you in the stuck group?

3:15 – There is light at the end of the tunnel

4:20 – Rates are going up! 

5:30 – “People don’t fall in love with an interest rate, they fall in love with a home.”

8:53 – Do you know the latest data on interest rates?

11:27 – These are the numbers of Single-Family Housing Units Completed 

15:30 – Tom shares powerful actions you should do now!

17:25 – David Childers shares the February YOY housing inventory data in the U.S.

21:34 – Check out these annual home price appreciation comparisons 

22:33 – These are the default risk in the mortgage market from 1999 to 2020

25:19 – David shares the date on months’ inventory of existing single-family homes for sale

29:00 – Check out our Level Up series so you can attract and win those listings for this year!

30:00 – These are the best practices that agents are doing with the housing data we provide!


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