We’re projecting the 2021 housing market, but not with a crystal ball, we’re backing it up with data!

The December 3rd episode of This Week in Housing covers the current statistics on housing prices and inventory for 2021. Most importantly we share helpful ways for you to communicate and inform your clients with this latest data!

I was joined by David Childers from Keeping Current Matters, as well as Rockstar agents Lisa Chinatti from Boston, Massachusetts, Becky García from Phoenix, Arizona, and David Manser, Tom Ferry Coach of some of our Top 50 agents. 

This episode is filled with so much informative housing data, we meticulously go over each figure and provide scripts on how to use them in your marketing to guide your clients to make the best decision for them. 

We also give our analysis of what we might be seeing for the housing market in 2021 and provide actionable steps for you to look into your database and get more leads! 

If you’ve been looking for ways to connect with your database and inform them with the best insights on the market, then listen to today’s episode to guide your clients in the best way possible!

In this episode we talk about…

2:02 – Housing data is the super power!

3:36 – Housing prices are going up, check these interesting insights from experts

6:27 – David Childers shares a historic appreciation on US existing home median sales price 

7:55 – Becky Garcia provides her insight on the Phoenix market

8:58 – Lisa reminds us of the need for housing is huge and why the consumers are growing this need

10:58 – David Manzer talks about how agents need to work on their scripts so they can guide their clients with clear and informative data 

12:01 – The 2021 Spring Seller Market started in October of 2020!

12:54 – David Childers shares data of inventory and home prices back in 2010 

14:26 – Listen to these quotes from industry experts about the market 

15:50 – David Manzer shares his insights, “The appraisals are not coming in low, they are coming in market value.”

17:19 – Lisa shares how she’s focusing on the affordability rather than the pricing 

18:57 – Becky guides us through how she works with today’s buyers 

21:52 – David Childers shares the experts’ projections for 2021 

24:41 – “No one is going back to work in a traditional sense in 2021.”

25:47 – Becky talks about the new buyers coming to Phoenix from different parts of the country 

27:32 – Lisa talks about data that moving companies have done and reminds us about the deals of investment properties

29:14 – Agent to Agent referrals should be part of your business plan!

30:24 – These are the mortgage rates data from 2016-2020 and projecting 2021

31:36 – Check out what these experts are saying about home sales 

35:46 – Becky and Lisa share their goals for 2021 and what they’re heading for Q1 while looking at the trends

38:13 – David Childers shares interesting home price forecasts

40:56 – Looking into your database and other people’s database!

42:18 – Lisa shares about providing short-term housing solutions to avoid homelessness 

43:34 – Becky talks about how she’s connecting with her database and spearheading important conversations

48:22 – David Childers shares insights from experts about the winter market 

49:25 – “Keep focused”

50:24 – “Really study the market.”