Are you showing up as the knowledge broker of your market?

The November 18th episode of This Week in Housing covers the latest pressing issues on foreclosures, affordability, and important data regarding housing on a national scale. 

I was joined by David Childers from Keeping Current Matters, as well as fellow Rockstars Simmi Kher from Seattle, Washington, Andy Tse from Silicon Valley, and Alicia Soekawa from Richmond, Virginia. 

This episode is jam packed with amazing insight from these three different markets. Make sure to take note of how they all use the latest housing data to work with their clients to move up or make the right decision for their present situation. 

I also shared the 3 biggest steps you need to take to finish this year strong and hit the ground running in 2021. David also gave a more clear definition on what a foreclosure crisis is and provided important past and current data. 

We also talked about the current reality on forbearance data, mortgage rates, and gave powerful scripts to share this information in a clear and helpful way to your market. 

Being a knowledge broker of your market is about being consistent, putting in the time and effort to take this data and communicating it through your marketing, so you can create trust with your clients.

Listen to today’s episode to discover the helpful script and data you can incorporate into your marketing, so you can start helping your clients in their current needs!

In this episode we talk about…

0:54 – Tom shares the pressing issues that are occurring in the real estate market 

3:38 – Alicia Soekawa shares about her 6 year real estate career and having a strong 2020

4:25 – Simmi Kher talks about working in Seattle, Washington – one of the highest peaking markets in the country and being a knowledgeable agent 

5:05 – Andy Tse shares about working in real estate for 18 years and selling 41 homes in September 2020

5:35 – Tom shares the 3 biggest steps you need to take to finish this year strong and hit the ground running in 2021

8:33 – David Childers defines what a foreclosure crisis is, and shares important past and current data

12:18 – This is the current reality on forbearance data 

13:52 – Andy shares the current reality on how the Silicon Valley residents are living 

15:10 – Alicia talks about the rise of new buyers in Richmond, Virginia

16:55 – These are the number of mortgages in active forbearance and how they’re decreasing dramatically 

19:29 – Check out the numbers on distribution of loans in active forbearance by current combined loan-to-value 

20:16 – David shares the data on September inventory level of existing single-family homes

21:23 – Simmi talks about how all of her clients have equity in their home and seeing people moving out of the greater Seattle area

23:09 – “Everytime a house sells, someone buys it!”

27:11 – David shares a powerful quote from a real estate expert on how data was leveraged to encourage informed decisions for agents

28:36 – These are the 2020 mortgage rates 

32:17 – Alicia shares how she provides perspective to her clients and helps them make the best decision for what is needed now

33:28 – Andy talks about the importance of knowing your market 

35:35 – Simmi shares how she always encourages her clients to look into the data 

37:18 – Andy talks about how marketing will not give you what you need overnight, you have to be consistent and it has to make sense

39:31 – Alicia shares her advice on how to properly educate and communicate with your clients 

43:35 – David shares the mortgage interest rate projections 

45:34 – Andy shares a helpful script on how to work with clients who want to move up 

47:45 – Simmi gives another great script to use for “move up” clients and the importance of educating them around the pros and cons of that decision

49:54 – Look at this data on housing market recovery index 

51:06 – These are the months of supply of available inventory 

51:52 – This is the “snapshot” of year-over-year changes in key metrics 

53:49 – “Every single day you need to do something to create leads.”

56:10 – “Right now it’s a great time to reach out to all of your past clients.”

57:00 – “Looking at your business now, how can you make the buying and selling experience better?”

58:35 – “We need to know our numbers, we need to know what’s happening locally and nationally.”