How are you creating certainty with your clients?

The October 4th episode of This Week in Housing covers the latest data on the economy, inventory in the housing market, and the 3 reasons homeowners are NOT putting their house on the market.

I was joined by David Childers from Keeping Current Matters, as well as fellow Rockstars Glennda Baker, a leader who runs an incredible all women real estate team in Atlanta, Tim Smith who runs one of the top-performing  teams in Orange County, and Treasure Davis, who runs a powerhouse team in Colorado Springs focused on military clientele. 

This week has created a lot of uncertainty, and we knew it was vital to create more certainty by giving you the facts and data so you can clearly communicate it to your clients. These are the times when the data points are moving the conversation. 

We covered the latest stats on the lack of inventory, the changes in consumer spending this year, and how to communicate this data through your marketing.

Each guest specializes in different markets and they were gracious in sharing how they safely work with their clients, innovative marketing strategies, and how to deliver clarity and become the expert real estate agent for 2021. 

If you’ve been waiting for certainty, then you’ll be paying a price for waiting and not taking action. Focus on knowledge, on providing credibility and certainty to clearly communicate with your buyers and sellers. 

Listen now to know how to effectively talk with your clients so they can make the best decisions for their future.

In this episode we talk about…

2:54 – Glennda Baker shares about running an all women real estate team

3:53 – Treasure Davis talks about achieving 450 transactions this year

4:53 – Tim Smith shares about closing 350 transactions of at least $2.2 million in purchase price this year 

6:21 – David Childers shares the data from experts on what is happening in the economy and housing market

8:46 – These are the numbers of past and recent months of homes for sale inventory 

9:50 – Glennda advises how agents have to speak with clarity and certainty and always show specific data to your clients 

10:59 – Treasure talks about the inventory in Colorado Springs and safely operating her team to provide the best service that is customizable to her clients 

13:31 – Tim talks about the increased demand in the Orange County market and the challenge of unlocking new inventory 

17:20 – These are the top 3 reasons homeowners are NOT putting their house on the market 

18:53 – David shares a presentation of April 6th, 2020 that called for a “V Type” recovery from major financial institutions and the actual GDP numbers

20:27 – These are the changes in consumer spending since January 1st, 2020

23:07 – In Tim’s market, he’s not seeing financial uncertainty and having re-allocating conversations with his clients 

24:33 – Glennda shares how her clients can’t downsize due to unemployment and understanding their need of where they stand 

26:50 – Treasure talks about incoming new clients who are non military and the positive equity with military clients 

29:04 – Tim talks about market and policy uncertainty in the Orange County market 

30:40 – Treasure shares about the importance of coming together with real estate professionals for the good of their clients

32:00 – “There’s going to be a price you’ll be paying for, If you’re waiting for certainty.” 

35:34 – David shares the MBA forecast for 2021 and why you should prepare for rising mortgage rates 

36:53 – “Be the clarity in the midst of chaos.”

39:58 – “2021 is the year of the real estate expert.” Tim shares his marketing campaign strategy 

41:35 – Treasure shares how she’s being hyper-local and being there for her community 

43:30 – You want your clients to see you, don’t be afraid to check in!

49:10 – David shares latest quotes from experts on affordability 

52:14 – Glennda shares her safety protocol and how she works with her clients and where they are in the scale 

53:42 – Treasure talks about her marketing when it comes to working with her clients 

55:16 – Tim shares about focusing on knowledge, credibility and certainty to clearly communicate with clients